Chris Munar is an ABO/NCLE licensed optician. Though born in Japan, Chris has lived in North Carolina for most of his life. He is half Filipino and hopes to travel to the Philippines someday, along with many other places. Chris started his career as an optician by chance; not knowing much about the optical field, he started a job working in the lab making glasses. After just a few weeks, and learning more about the field, he decided to further his career and became a licensed optician. While in school, Chris has worked his way up including sales, lead and management positions. He enjoys helping others, and this is reflected in his desire to connect people with the right frames. He prides himself on making sure every person has the best frames for their prescription needs and lifestyle.

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In my free time I enjoy being active, including playing Ultimate Frisbee. I also enjoy playing video games and being outdoors.

I have a lot of knowledge about a lot of random topics – for example cars, sports stats, how to repair things, etc. I’m a real-life Cliff Clavin.

Playing with my neighborhood friends – making up games, playing in the woods, and riding bikes.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – I admire his drive and determination. I like that he took his natural skills, saw more opportunities for himself, and took chances to elevate his career.

I have a beautiful wife that I have been married to for 6 years. Together we have two wonderful children, a 6 year old son and 6 month old baby girl.

Head coach for my favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers.